American Portraits | The Shurtz Family

Great wall portraits of families are a passion of mine and when it’s a big group I take on the challenge like it’s my own family. The Shurtzs were a beautiful family spanning three generations and we carefully planned to account for all twenty six of them, including mention lots of young ones. We decided to work in the forest near Leavenworth, Washington to convey the area in which they live and mix tradition with causal. Our finished result came out beautifully and it now hangs in their home as a fifty five inch canvas.

Nathan and I arrived early, setting up strobes and making a plan for the pose. I had already done some rough sketches but with the Spring thaw the place on the river bank that we had planned was underwater. This meant a quick re-arrangement to our secondary location. It was a lot of work, but worth it.

After the main group we did a few smaller groupings with Mr & Mrs Shurtz, gathering them with the kids for two great poses. We hung a thirty six inch heirloom canvas of the image on the rocks. For that exposure we had used a large format sensor approach to give it depth and detail.

Here are some of the other shots…

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2 Responses to American Portraits | The Shurtz Family

  1. Debbie says:

    Looks fantastic! Would love to see how you set up your lighting. Love the colours too. Did you coordinate that with your group, or did they do that on their own. Beautiful portraits Gavin.

  2. gavinseim says:

    Thanks Debbie. Feel free to email me with lighting questions. We planned well and the family did a great job coordinating.


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