Portraits in Washington for the Kasozi Family.

The Kasozi's - Winter 2011, Central WA.

Robert is a friend and pastor from a small village in Uganda, who was here this winter with his family visiting the States. His host family arranged for me to come to their home and do a portrait for them. I went out before the session, scouting the grounds and coming up with some ideas. When the evening for portraits came, everything went well.

Robert, his wife Rabina, and their Kids Samuel and Annie live in a village in Uganda called Mauslita, where they have a thriving church. The project has even built a school nearby, and is helping other communities around the region grow in really positive ways. It’s so cool to hear them tell of things getting better, from a country that a few years ago was in complete turmoil.

I found their beautiful dark skin to be a wonderful challenge as the way it interacts with the background and light makes things play out differently. Tonal values  and backgrounds need precise attention to detail. But we had a beautiful background to work with and while it was a bit chilly outside, I felt the finished result was very warm and personal. Robert and his great family will be taking twenty four inch wall prints back home to Uganda.

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