Morgan’s Senior Portraits in Leavenworth.


Morgan's Song, by Gavin Seim. 24 inch on canvas. Icicle area, Leavenworth WA.

It was one of those evenings and Morgan was one of those ladies who was immediately comfortable in front of the camera. She had a great smile on nearly the entire time and thanks to us all driving from Ephrata for a Leavenworth area portrait session, there were plenty of stunning backdrops for Morgan’s portraits.

I photographed Morgan’s Sister Justine a a few years ago now and we made her a one of my 24 inch Heirloom Canvas wall prints for the families home. Morgan will be getting a similar piece of this first image, an instant favorite that really shows her personality and the beautiful surroundings we were were in. There were so many favorites it was tough to choose, but here’s a few more to take a peek at. Enjoy… Gav









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