Video Portrait. Wall Portrait Conference.

Video portraits are something new I’ve started offering. Geared towards photographers and commercial endeavors, these are films produced with the storytelling approach I often convey in a portrait, but designed for promotions and information films on people or products.

This film was done for Ken Whitmire, one of my portraits mentors. It showcases his renown Wall Portrait Conference, a workshop that teaches photographers how to produce wall portraits like the ones we make here at Seim Studios. I’ve been to WPC more than once and was honored to produce this for Ken, as well as to be in the promo myself. But without further adieu. Here’ is the WPC video…. Gav

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Portraits for the Curnel’s – Moses Lake Portraits


Dr. & Mrs Curnel. Comissioned portrait, 2011. Moses Lake Washington.


I had a nice portrait session over in Moses Lake for Dr Curnel and his wife Pamela. We were doing a cover for a local culture and arts magazine that was doing a feature on the Curnel’s. After a few around their home, we went out to the rolling dunes outside Moses lake for some beautifully lit portraits right at sunset, even finding time for a few plates on the 4×5.

There’s a few more below, as well as the finished cover that the images were used in. Hope you enjoy… G Continue reading

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Darius Asher Seim – 09/07/11

I’m actually late in posting this. Asher is six weeks old now, But if you follow along on FB you’ve doubtless heard me talking about him.

This is his one day portrait and he’s ready for life. I guess I need another one now that he’s getting such a personalty. He’s such a good baby, a lot like his older bro Cyrus and not at all like his sister Ariana. But both of them love him and Ana is always truing to take care of him, though she’s like two feet tall and can’t quite pack him.

We have three now. It’s hard to believe I have three kids, but I’m not complaining. They’re so cool…. Gav

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Morgan’s Senior Portraits in Leavenworth.


Morgan's Song, by Gavin Seim. 24 inch on canvas. Icicle area, Leavenworth WA.

It was one of those evenings and Morgan was one of those ladies who was immediately comfortable in front of the camera. She had a great smile on nearly the entire time and thanks to us all driving from Ephrata for a Leavenworth area portrait session, there were plenty of stunning backdrops for Morgan’s portraits.

I photographed Morgan’s Sister Justine a a few years ago now and we made her a one of my 24 inch Heirloom Canvas wall prints for the families home. Morgan will be getting a similar piece of this first image, an instant favorite that really shows her personality and the beautiful surroundings we were were in. There were so many favorites it was tough to choose, but here’s a few more to take a peek at. Enjoy… Gav

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Lindsey’s Senior Portraits in Grand Coullee.

Lindey's Hidden Bridge - 24in print on canvas. 2011, Gavin Seim.

I had a nice drive up past Coulee City and to the little towns of Electric City and Grand Coulee for Lindey’s senior portraits. I love going to places that are personal and relevant to my subjects, even if it means a bit more driving. It was well worth it  and Lindsey did a great job. We even tried some news ideas, including  using a fog machine and some remote strobes. You can see those below.

It was a gentle evening and we worked some really neat locations, including this little bridge deep in a local park and on rolling hills that normally make up the bottom of Banks lake, a 30 mile long reservoir for Grand Coulee Dam that has been drained nearly thirty feet this summer to allow for maintenance.

This first image tuned out to be the favorite for the wall and I’ll be making it into one of my almost famous 24 inch heirloom canvas portrait for their home. There were lots of other favorites however and I’ll post a few more of those below. Hope you enjoy… Gav

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Senior Year Portraits For Andrew – Mission Ridge, Near Wenatchee


Andrew at Mission Bridge. 2011, Gavin Seim. 40x32 print on canvas. 4x5

Andrew’s senior portraits were quite a project and a very rewarding one. Andrew and his family actually live in Ephrata, only a few minutes from my studio. Andrew is a top notch golfer (world class in his age group) and plans to go through college and beyond with his golf skills. While we decided not incorporate golfing directly in the portrait, we wanted something outdoors and natural. It’s really important to me personalize a portrait. We decided to drive up to Mission Ridge, where the family has spend a lot of time in years past on ski trips.

Making a quick snapshot is easy, but a well made portrait takes time, and the more you plan, the better the result. We were going for an evening session. So I decided to get up in the morning and make the drive up to Mission Ridge, taking a walk, getting the lay of the land, and a feel for the light. Then I came back to the studio and prepared for evening.

At portrait time, I met them in Wenatchee, and we took a few warm up images at the park. Then we headed up to Mission. Light and sunset in the mountains is very different from the lowland, and it’s always an interesting challenge. But it was really a nice evening, and there were plenty of places to work, including the hibernating ski lifts and the little bridge over the creek.

During the session, I pulled out my Linhof and took my time making two portraits of Andrew with film on the bridge that spans the creek. I’ve been working with these 4×5 inch negatives lately for the amazing detail they produce, but this was the first time I used it for a portrait. It will not be the last, however, because it worked phenomenally. I did one frame in color and one in black and white, and the final image above was that one color frame that turned out to be the winner.

This is the wall portrait (above). The final edit is from a 4×5 inch negative that I developed myself. I’ve lost count of how much time has gone into this piece, but that’s OK because I’m thrilled with how the print looks. There’s detail down to the individual leaves under the bridge. This image does show a lot, but with detailed tonal work and processing, Andrew will remain the dominating subject, complemented by all the other details.

It’s going to be produced as a forty-inch canvass to hang in their home. Thanks to the detail of the 4×5, the quality of the wall print is stunning. I’m really excited about this one. But there were more. These other portraits of Andrew we’ll use for smaller prints and item. Here are a few more favorites, including the second 4×5 plate (below)…


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Senior Portrats for Matthew. Central Washington.


Last week I got to make portraits of Matthew. It was a good time. Matthew is not a jump in front of the camera sort of guy, but that’s OK. I want  people to have portraits that reflect personalty and style. Everyone does not need to stand grinning in front of the lens.

We planned ahead and decided to do the portraits on their family farm. It turned out to be a real winner because there were loads of would be props that have been building up over the years. I started by just taking a walk with Matthew around the farm. Then we got the camera and went to work. This is the result… Gav


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Senior Portraits in Ephrata for Mitchell

Mitchel and his mom Mindy were in last night for the proofing of Mitchel’s senior portraits. We had a good time, looking through some great photos that really fit Mitchel’s personality, talking, laughing and eating a few chocolate kisses.

Some of the things Mitchel loves are voices, cartoons and playing the drums at church. We tried various setups using some of these themes, including wrapping up in front of the big screen at my house to watch some if Mitch’s favorites while I photographed his expressions.

There’s even more than this, but here’s the favorites. The first one is slated for one of my thirty inch heirloom canvas pieces and we’re going to make a similar print of a portrait from his brother Spencer’s session which I did two years ago. They’ll look great on the wall and I’m eager to get everything finished for them. Great job Mitchell. You have a really great collection of photos here.

Hope you enjoy… Gav

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Senior Portraits for Jenaia. Going Underwater on Lake Chelan.

by Gavin Seim: I just finished up this awesome portrait session. Jenaia is from Wenatchee and her family spends lots of summer weekends camping at Lake Chelan. She also loves the water, so we decided to make that the theme for her senior portraits. We took it a step further however, opting to go under the surface. I collected some extra gear, including a soft housing that allowed my main camera and flash to submerge with me. When the big day came we headed out on their boat with a few of Jenaia’s friends and family. It’s time to get wet.

Turns out working in the water is a lot of work 😉 It was totally worth it however and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Jenaia was really a trooper, the perfect mermaid. She wore her prom dress (not easy to swim in) which we scissored up a bit on the bottom, allowing it to flow beautifully in the water. Jenaia worked hard at giving us great movement and expression. My favorite is this top one, but there’s lots more that came out really cool.

Once out of the deep water we had  fun with more poses near the shore. I just love working with water and the scenes fit Jenaia so well. After drying off we followed up with a few classic poses to round her collection off with some variety. I especially like the one of the rock that we grabbed right at sunset. It was a fun, challenging session, but I think they came out amazing. I’m confident that Jenaia will not soon forget her senior year.

This one on the dock is another favorite and we’ll be making it into a thirty inch heirloom canvas that will look stunning their wall. For those interested in what I learned about working underwater, stay tuned to my f164 blog as I’ll be posting more detail and tips soon. There;s More of my favorites below. Enjoy… Gav

Click an image for a larger higher quality version.

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Senior Portrait in the Venue Magazine:

I’ve been doing an alternating series of full page ads inside the front cover of Venue, a popular Central WA life magazine. This months issue will feature my senior portraits. As always I like to keep it simple, so one photo goes in this ad. I wanted to pick something from my class of 2010 seniors, all of which were super cool. I narrowed it down to a few favorites, then crowd sourced it to fans on the SS Facebook page and beyond. I then tallied up the votes and went with the highest ranked.

All of them were liked, but in the end we had to choose one. This photo titled Hunters Crossing, from Hunters Portrait Session last year got the most votes. It has a unique look and and feel that really fitted his personality. It also fits well with the theme of this years senior page. Without further adieu, here’s a draft of the ad that will run in the August issue. Keep your eyes open and pick up a copy in a few weeks.

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