VIDEO: Showing Wall Portraits at Grant County Fair 2013


gavin seim - wall portrait showWall portraits are what we focus on here. So last week Seim Portraits had a booth showcasing them at the Grant Country Fair. Nathan and I traded shifts and kept it manned the entire time. We got to meet a lot of new people and many new potential clients. This was NOTHING like the casual interest people have when you setup at a wedding fair – People were blown away like I have not seen in many years.

We’re not used to seeing images presented in this manner and the responses refreshing. Many were amazed and did not seem aware that such portraits were being made. About a quarter of them thought we were painters because of our use of light, tone and traditional canvas. They saw the difference. That’s been our goal. Once someone see’s our products in person, they appreciate them far more. I can’t tell you how many people asked about how we got the light and depth we showed. Even though it was mainly classic use of light, tone and presentation like we talk about in EXposed. People are not used to seeing it anymore.

I made this quick video before we closed up on Saturday. Excuse for the poor video quality, this is what I could get on short notice. I did clean up the audio a bit.

For more about wall portraits see my article on wall portraits and the story of why I stopped being a photographer. If you really want to learn wall portraits you’ll want to attend the school where I got most of these concepts to start with, Wall Portrait Conference. It’s worth every penny for those serious about producing wall decor.

Hope this gives you a few ideas. Thanks to all who stopped by. I’m also adding my video on Wall Furnishing below. It’s a better produced video where I talk about about the concepts ideas behind what I do.


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