A Fall Family Portrait in Moses Lake

Moses Lake Family Portrait Fall - Gavin Seim

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in over 15 years, it’s that it’s what you put on the wall that counts. That’s my entire focus when I make portrait.

I had a great session some weeks back for Brooks, Leslie, their son Michael and their dog Bo. We went to the waterfront park in Moses Lake and took advantage of the late Fall color. We all had a few favorites, but in the end this great portrait won out. We mastered it into a 40 inch heirloom canvas for their home and here’s the result.

There’s nothing like a great family portrait to make the centerpiece of your room. That’s what I focused on here. Lots of pictures are easy. But a great portrait that will become a family heirloom is something special. I’ll give you a close up view below.


Moses Lake - Family Portrait - Gavin Seim


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