Ashers Crib | American Portraits, the Film Collection.

Ashers Crib – Gavin Seim’s American Portraits, 2012 Film Collection


This is one of the first of my new series of portraits. The American Portraits film collection is something I’ve been dreaming up for awhile now. Inspired by painters like Sargent and Waterhouse, photographers like Ansel Adams and Arnold Newman, the AP Collection are portraits that say it all in a single frame. Photographed mostly on large format film, developed and scanned for processing, the AP collection brings the classic beauty and simplicity of film.

I think a great portrait is about showing an individual, their character and telling their story in a stunning way. While I know variety has it’s place and still offer everyday sessions, but I find that endless poses and setups can be a distraction. The goal of the AP collection is to properly plan and execute the one pose that will carry through the process for one amazing portrait.

Asher is almost a year now and I this this represents his personality so well. It tells a story in itself, so I won’t reiterate it with words. Just look and take the story from the image the way it was intended to be. Enjoy… Gav

For Photographers. How it was made…

Technical Notes: Linhof Technica IV, 150mm Fijinon 150 @ f5.6, 1/30, HP400 4×5 Film, Induro Tripod
Std Development DD-X, Epson V700 Wet Scan, Lightroom 4, Photoshop and Seim Effects tools.

Toddlers are not the easiest to photograph on a large format view camera. Least of all in a dark room. Dim light, long lenses and slow ISO makes it a challenge in many ways. But there’s something magical about the results. This was finished from two sheets of 4×5. The main was Asher’s pose, but I had a second that I liked the depth and detail of for the surrounding elements and I blended the two for the final combing the old with the new to give the feel I wanted for this portrait.

I kept the processing simple as a well made negative looks great our of camera. But I did do some detailed retouching and burn and dodge to make everything clean and even. The result is Asher’s Crib.

Gavin Seim


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